Another Very Busy Shed Day

Things are really getting busy at HaverShed. We must’ve had over a dozen visitors today. We mentioned redressing the balance from lots of wood working kit to games, darts and even a pool table! And lo, two guys turn up with two dart boards (Cheers, Phil & Nigel). Within minutes the dart board was up and running.

You wait for ages – then two turn up!!
Expertly fitted and with precise height & distance measurements – we present – the New Dart Board.

Nigel got to make a pen on the Axminster wood lathe – looks like you can’t be a HaverShedder unless you’ve made a pen! Phil also brought in lots of pen kits, with the idea that future visitors can step right in and have a go. Brilliant.

We always have plenty of tea & coffee plus an ever growing selection of biscuits. This week Richard brought in his homemade “chocolate dipped oranges”! Lovely.

Even though a lot of physical work was done – Terry sanded down the partition-cum-notice board, dart board erected, pens made, new vacuum cleaner commissioned, more experimental work on the wood lathe . . We still had time to sit & chat. I reckon we might have to get a bigger table if we were all to sit around it! But it was really good to have a chat – sometimes a laugh, sometimes rather serious and often times about men’s health! All important. There was even time for a bit of cribbage. More of the same next week? Oh and we plan to open up next Tuesday (1030-1300) – watch out for future notices . . .


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