Great Day at the Shed – Mandibles, chucks & prong driving . . .

Another great day at HaverShed – the wood lathe has arrived – a super duper Axminster jobbie (that’s my techy knowledge coming out there). Richard & Phil set to, unwrapping the beastie and setting it up. We were quite amazed at how easy it was and what a superb precision instrument it is! They had to fit prong drives, chucks and mandibles but it seemed easy and in no time at all they were machining wood for making pens. More guys turned up…. Troy, Steve, Nigel (aka Neil), Alan, Terry and a new chap – Phil, good to see you! Both Richard & Troy made pens and at the end Allan had a go too. Brilliant.

We even managed to fit in a game of crib! Lucky win for Richard!

Hopefully more wood turning next week – Oh, we’re going to open up on Tuesday, 9th January, 1030-1330, as well as the Weds.. So if you’re free then – you’re welcome!


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