Loads of thanks to all Shedders who came in today 👍 Also a great big thanks for all the great work done 👍✅

It was a tad cold but plenty of guys turned up this week. Kevin supplied some big (8×4) insulation panels and Phil & Robert set to in filling the big gap in the inner sanctum. This will make it a warmer, draft free place for future use – such as Dave’s Talking Circle (watch this space). Steve got to play with the lathe and make a pen . . .how many pens have we made so far?? Many thanks to Phil for bringing in all the wood and pen bits.  I think this is going to be a HaverShed project – we’ll purchase a bag of these so that any guys dropping in, can have a go.  Allan came along with his labelling device and proceeded to label drawers etc – it all looks very professional. Talking of folk bringing in machines – Richard brought in the posters we have been designing plus a laminator – so we now have some cool looking posters to advertise the Shed around town.


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