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Dear All, We apologise for the formatting going wrong in the last message to you.  Please find attached a reformatted version.
The UK Men’s Sheds Association launched its’ last strategy four years ago and during this time we have been able to increase our support to Sheds, increase awareness of Sheds and support networks to develop more Sheds. 
The last four years has seen incredible growth across the Men’s Sheds network and now it is time to review where we are going and look at how we can improve our support to Sheds, increase engagement and see Sheds developed in every community that needs one.
To help us with this piece of work I am writing to you for your thoughts and those of your fellow Shedders. 
We would like to know what you would like to see us achieve over the next four to eight years. Please give some thought to the following three questions to help us in shaping what we do. 
Please email your responses to and feel free to give me a call should you want more information on the process we are going through or would like to discuss anything.
• What three things can we do better to support your Shed?
• What three things could we do better to support the Shed movement in the UK?
• What should we keep on doing? (If you do not know what we are doing, please say as communication will clearly be one of those points!)
• To help us with the process can you also let us know the name of your Shed, how many people are in your Shed and who has completed the questions.  Whilst we would welcome your thoughts as early as possible we will look to review all of the answers by mid September.
Many thanks for all of your help and this information will directly help us with our thinking.
Kindest regards,
Charlie BethelChief Officer
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We can discuss this at the next HaverShed meeting.


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