Opera & Grinder Come to HaverShed

Another very busy day at HaverShed – over a dozen guys, including a visit from Brendan & Brigett from Swansea City Opera. They were scoping for places in Wales to put on their impressive opera “Shoulder to Shoulder” – all about Men’s Sheds and have asked HaverShed (the only Shed in Pembrokeshire) if we wanted to be involved. This is for the 2025 season, so early days but I think we were impressed. We wouldn’t have to do much – just promote the show, which may be showing in the Depot at HaverHub. Have a look at https://www.swanseacityopera.com/productions/shoulder-to-shoulder/ for details and the YouTube excerpt:

They gave a good presentation and emphasised the positive impact the show had in promoting Men’s Sheds. We also had a good session – tea, coffee, toasted sarnies and a fair bit of woodwork. Terry & Phil set too in making another work bench – yes, it is true, you can never have enough workbenches! Phil got the new grinder device working – now that we’ve got all these chisels and pointy tools (you can tell I’m really getting into the tool lingo here), they will need sharpening and now we have a wet n dry grinder. So, bring in any of your blunty tools and we can sharpen em up!

Phil’s keen to get it going . . .chisels, planes, drill bits . .
Meanwhile, on more mundane things our valiant secretary, Kevin grapples with the complexities of the health & safety policy


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